Iwai Mushanokōji
Iwai 9
武者小路(むしゃのこうじ) (いわい)
Mushanokōji Iwai
Age around 13-14
Gender Female Female
Killing Goods
Killing Goods Hair Queen (not Killing Goods)
Status Alive
Manga Vol.1 Cut.1
Anime Cut 01
Japanese Kotori Koiwai
English Candi Milo

 Iwai Mushanokōji (武者小路 祝 Mushanokōji Iwai?) is the protagonist of the series.

She is the current "Hair Queen" (髪の女王 Kami no Jō'ō?) because her hair cannot be cut with anything because of a curse. After meeting Kiri Haimura, the two learn that his scissors, for some reason, are the only tools capable of cutting her hair. Unfortunately, Iwai is also the target of an old murder game, and Kiri has to protect her from the so-called "Killing Goods Owners!"


Iwai is petite girl of short stature with green eyes and black hair. Iwai's hair has often been described as beautiful and it is very long reaching down to the floor. At daytime, she usually appears in various cuts depending on Kiri, but after midnight up until Kiri cuts it on the morning, it returns to its original length.

She usually wears her school uniform or cute-themed casual clothes, she also sometimes seen with long white dresses, describing her as a "Princess" or "Queen."


Iwai is kind and sometimes timid. She's shy and she complements others based on what she thinks about them.


Iwai once lived like a normal girl. However, due the curse of her hair that wouldn't cut, she got bullied on her first years on school and managed to leave school and live alone. Iwai had a father who always helped with studying about the game of Killing Goods.


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"Iwai" ( Shuku?) means "blessing," referring to her curse.


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