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Kiri and the Crime Edge

Killing Goods (殺害遺品(キリング・グッズ) Satsugai Ihin (Kiringu Guzzu)?, lit. Killing Relics) are cursed objects which were used by murderers in the past and have now been passed on onto other people. They are unbreakable.


Many years ago, the Original Hair Queen placed two curses. One of the curses was the Killing Goods, items which bestowed their users, referred to as "Authors", great powers, Including; The ability to cut through flesh as though it was hair or to destroy anything in it's path. Killing Goods are made from various objects by various people called Made-to-order, by their own desire to kill people. Once a Killing Good has chosen it's author, it can't be broken or thrown away. Authors are able to "trick" the Killing Goods by using people called "Insteads". The Authors will use the Killing Good's powers on these people without actually killing them. For instance, the scissors are calmed by cutting hair and the syringe is calmed by injecting Salene into the Instead.

Known Killing GoodsEdit