Kiri Haimura
Crimeedge op 21
灰村(はいむら) (きり)
Haimura Kiri
Age 13-14
Gender Male Male
Killing Goods
Classification Author
Killing Goods The Crime Edge of Cutting and Detachment
Manga cut01
Anime Cut 01
Japanese Natsuki Hanae
English Mitchel Musso

 Kiri Haimura (灰村 切 Haimura Kiri?) is the main character from Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge, along with the anime adaptation.


162 cm in height and 53 kilograms in weight, Kiri appears to be a normal junior high school student, with gray-white hair and dark lime eyes. He usually appears with his school uniform or his jacket. In anime his eye change color blood red when be possessed by Killing Goods..


Kiri is known as a weird guy, giving weird faces to respond to some kind of things. But, as an Author, he has a weird obsession to cut people's hair, which may come from his Killing Goods. Kiri in other side is also sweet, he also claims Iwai's hair as his property.


Born from a normal family, Kiri is a normal-looking junior high schooler who is addicted to cutting hair. He lives with his grandpa and unknowingly is Norma Grayland's descendant.


Meeting IwaiEdit

One day, unknowingly, the 8th grader Kiri was walking to a mansion on his way home. He snipped his scissors while walking like a murderer, and saw a girl with long, black hair behind the glass wall. He then calls out how beautiful her hair is, then he bangs his head on the window of the mansion because his idiot action. Then as the girl was going to take a first-aid kit for him he grabs her hair.

The evening, the girl learns why Kiri came and reveals herself as Iwai Mushanokōji, who has cursed hair and then Kiri managed to prove her uncut hair. Then two pair of girls came and the older one lectures Kiri not to involved with Iwai's curse while the one wearing glasses told that she has dropped her supplies. Then two of them with Kiri take a bus to return home.